Drill Team

The Butler JROTC Drill Team usually consists of about 20 to 25 cadets. These cadets must learn how to master both armed, unarmed, squad, and platoon drill, as well as learn information about JROTC and the Army in general and compete with their league. The league consists of other Army JROTC teams from the Albert Gallatin, Beaver Area, Seneca Valley, Strong Vincent, Trinity, and Valley high schools. There are 6 events in which the cadets must compete. Each event is led by one of our own cadets. These are the 6 typical events in the drill competition:

  • Armed Platoon
  • Armed Squad
  • Unarmed Platoon
  • Unarmed Squad
  • Inspection
  • Color Guard

In the armed events, the cadets carry rifles, while in the unarmed events, they do not. In the platoon events, there are 3 squads of 4 cadets each. Squad events consist of just a single squad of 8 cadets. All of the events have an event leader who must memorize and recite the routine commands. For the inspection event, the cadets are inspected on their uniforms and are asked questions about JROTC. The color guard event is simply a color guard performance.

At the 2017 competition, the Butler team got 2nd place.

Drill Team practices are held at The Intermediate High Gym before school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, at 0600 - 0700. The Drill Team season is from October to February, unless the team makes it to the brigade competition and, if so, the season ends in April. Congratulations to all Drill Team members for all of their hard work!

Raider Team

The purpose of the JROTC Raider Team is to develop self-discipline, individual physical fitness, leadership, and the spirit of teamwork. The Raider Team competes every March against other teams in the area's JROTC league. The competition consists of the following:

Raider Team practices are held before school from 5:50 to 6:50 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. There are pre-season and post-season practices as well that are at the same times. During competition season, some Thursdays also have practices.

In 2017, the Raider team won 2nd place.

Volleyball Team

This team promotes good sportsmanship to cadets on the team while giving an opportunity for socialization and a little fun. Every year our Volleyball teams travel to North Allegheny Intermediate High School for the annual volleyball tournament between JROTC Programs of the area. There are usually about 20 teams at the competition. Butler JROTC's Volleyball program usually has two teams. We typically have both an A team and a B team.

Color Guard

The current color guard commander is c/CPT Robert Hays

A color guard generally consists of four to five cadets. One cadet carries an American flag, another carries a Pennsylvania flag, and two other cadets carry rifles. If there is a fifth cadet, he or she carries the JROTC flag. The color guard's job is to represent our state, country, and JROTC program at public events.

The Butler JROTC Color Guard is very active in the community. Our Color Guard performs mainly at Butler home football games and the Veteran's Day and Memorial Day parades. However, our Color Guard may also perform at other events as requested by the community.

Butler JROTC Color Guard practices are held weekly on Tuesdays after school from 3:00 to 3:30 during the months of September and October, and then as needed to prepare for events.

Honor Guard

The Honor Guard is not a competitive team, but more of a ceremonial group. It performs once a year at the Military Ball, holding up the sabre tunnel that the graduating seniors walk through.

The Honor Guard is comprised of an Honor Guard Commander and 8 cadets.

Practices are held the first few Tuesdays before the Military ball after school from 3:00 to 3:30.

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